Using connectd in P2P initiator mode

How to use the connectd daemon on your computer to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection.

Initiators and targets

The initiator device of a P2P connection is the device that initiates a connection. In this example, we expect that the initiator device will be your Mac or Linux PC.

The target device is the device which accepts the P2P connection from the initiator. The target device will usually be something like a Raspberry Pi or other embedded device but could be any device, including, for example, a cloud-based virtual machine.

Configure a device to be the target

Whether you wish to connect to a device using a P2P connection on your computer, or using a proxy connection through the portal, you first need to configure Services on the target device using the interactive installer.

Get the UID of the Service you wish to connect to

Choose your OS