Create a contact

In order to share a Device, first you must set up a Contact in Click on "Contacts" in the left-side menu, then "Create Contact":

Fill in the Contact details in the dialog which appears:

The only required field is their email address, everything else is optional.

Available languages include English and Japanese and control the language used for notification e-mails.

Fill in the details and then click on "Create Contact".

Next you will see a new entry in the Contacts list:

Now, once your contact is a user, you can share and transfer devices to them.

What happens if the contact does not already have a account?

Notice that for this Contact, the Account column indicates "no". This means that the e-mail "" could not be found as a registered user name. Until an account exists with the specified user name, sharing cannot be performed.

To invite this user to create a account, click on the "Create Account" icon:

Click on the checkbox in the dialog which appears, then click on "Submit":