Sharing a Device with a contact

Create a Contact to share the device with if you have not already done so.

Sharing a Device in your account with one of your Contacts

Return to the "View Devices" page and select the checkbox(es) on the left side of the row(s) showing the Device(s) you wish to share ("1" below). Note that prior to sharing, the Share icon is plain ("2" below).

Now, from the Actions menu, select "Share":

This opens the Bulk Sharing dialog, where you can use the Contact Picker to choose contact(s) to share your device(s) to.

Click on the "Pick" button, then choose 1 or more Contacts from the Contact Picker dialog.

Finally, click on "Add Sharing".

The Contact(s) you selected will get a notification e-mail which they will need to open and click on the link to accept the sharing invitation. After accepting a sharing invitation, they will see a "Sharing Confirmation" dialog.

Once the Sharing operation is completed, your Device will now show up in their "View Devices" page with a slash through the "Share" icon:

By hovering the mouse cursor over the share icon, a user can quickly see who has shared it to them. The slash indicates that by clicking on the icon, theycan terminate sharing.

There will be a checkbox on the Share icon for a Device you have shared to someone else:

Now your contact will be able to connect to any Service on the shared Device as if it belonged to them.

Please note:

  • The user to whom a Device has been shared cannot change its name or share it with anyone else.

  • It is not possible to share a single Service on a Device.