The Advanced Manage Devices option

Update your Account Preferences

Under "Settings->Preferences" choose the checkbox as shown:

This adds the "Manage Devices" submenu:

  • Registrations - use to define groups of devices which can automatically connect and register the same list of services

  • Job Status - used to manage Bulk Jobs as executed by Bulk Scripts

  • Files - list of uploaded general content files for use with Bulk Scripts

  • Scripts - list of upload Bulk Scripts

  • Upload - upload a content or script file

Actions Menu changes

In addition, the "Actions Menu" gains a few new entries:

  • Execute Script - run a Bulk Script against the selected Devices

  • Set Category - add/edit category data per device

  • Transfer Device - transfer one or more devices to a different account

  • Clear Status - clears the status columns of the selected Devices.