The "View Devices" page

"View Devices" is the default page in that you see each time you log in.

It gives you a sortable and filterable view of all of the devices registered to your account.

Access the View Devices page from the menu

To get to "View Devices" from other pages within, click on "View Devices" in the menu at the left side of the screen.

The Device List's first seven columns

  • The first column is a checkbox used to select groups of devices for bulk actions like sharing, deleting or running a script.

  • The second column is "Status" which is green when your device has been detected by our server (online) and red otherwise (offline).

  • The third column is the Device Name which you entered either when using the interactive installer, or set by one of the bulk registration methods.

  • The fourth column shows the Sharing Status.

  • The fifth column is the Hardware ID (HWID) shared by all the Services on a Device.

  • The sixth column is the external IP address.

  • The seventh column is the internal IP address.

The Status Columns

The 5 status columns A through E can be used to get information from your Devices using Device Scripting.

Category Columns

The Category columns contain optional user-specified information entered with during bulk registration or set manually using the "Actions" menu "Set Category" action.