Connecting to a Service in the web portal

Quick Connect

The Quick Connect feature speeds up connecting to your Services.


Once you're on the Devices page, you will see all of the Devices associated with your account. There will be a Connect button to the left of the Device name. If the Devices is online, this button will be green, otherwise you will see "Offline" against the background.

Click on the "Connect" button and a drop-down menu of all that Device's Services will appear. Click on the desired Service to initiate the connection. Skip ahead to "Connection Dialog".

Click on the desired Service to connect!

Advanced Connect

When you click on the Device Name on the Devices page, you'll see the Device Services Dialog. This also shows additional information about your Services which

Connection dialog

For non-web connections, the connection will return a hostname and port value which can be used on a command line or in a GUI application depending on what you are doing. The example below is for an SSH connection.

Reverse proxy: For web applications made using the web portal, the reverse proxy URL opens automatically in a new browser tab. Reverse proxy connections do not remap the port value.

See the "Applications" section for more detail about using proxy connections with different types of applications.