This guide will step you through the set up of on Debian, Ubuntu and Linux devices using the command line/terminal and an installation package


  1. You have a account (If not, please go ahead and create an account at

  2. You have installed the Desktop application on a machine you will be using to configure and connect to your device. (This doesn't need to be on the same network as the device you are setting up) See for the different options available.

1. Download the package

Download the installation package to the device where will be installed (download locations coming soon)

2. Update apt and install

Open terminal on the target device

sudo apt update

Once that completes, then continue with the installation replacing the path and file name as appropriate

sudo apt install ./file

When this completes you will see the claim code to use in the desktop application to complete the setup.

You will need this claim code to complete the setup in the next steps

4. Claim and register the device

Open your desktop application and log in. Then add the device using the registration claim code by clicking the + (Device Registration) in the upper left.

You have now successfully registered the device to your account and should see it in your device list. If you get a message that it was not found, this indicates that the device was already claimed.

5. Set up services on your device

You will now define the services/ports for connections. For example SSH, HTTP, VNC, etc.

The services you define in need to be set up and running on the device. For example if you set up VNC in, but do not have it running, it will not be reachable by

Click on the device to see its details and click the + in the Services panel to add a new service.

Select the appropriate service type. Then provide a name, port, and service host address (Defaults are provided for most services). Only override default ports if you have assigned a different port for this service on your device.

Click save. You will now see the new service.

Repeat this process until you have all the services you want available via You are now ready to connect and/or share this device.