Auto Registration Setup

These instructions are for setting up a master device or repeating a cloning process to produce multiple devices for Auto Registration.

The interactive installer "connectd_installer" is not needed for Auto Registration and services created on the same device will be disabled during this procedure. Ideally, you should start with an image which has not had any Services previously installed.

What’s Needed

  • A master device with SSH access (e.g. baseline Raspberry Pi using the published setup instructions)

  • Access to the Auto Registration installer package which can be installed following the instructions here.

  • A account

It only takes a few minutes to set up a master SD card for cloning or a single device based on Auto Registration. Follow these directions carefully and in order.

The context of this document is focused on giving OEMs a means to prepare and clone an OS image for mass production. Future releases include an improved UX to identify and manage cloned devices and the inclusion of Auto Registration in CLI for Target Mode and eventual Installer replacement.

Set up Using

Start by visiting and sign-in using your account. Define a Product and Auto Registration to prepare for the device setup later on.