Create a Product Definition

A “Product Definition” is a group of Services that you would like to enable on one or more cloned Devices.

Auto registration is currently hosted at

For example:

  • Bulk Service (required, used for Device Script execution and the Device Name)

  • SSH on port 22

  • A web server on port 80

  • VNC on port 5900

Auto Registration requires a dedicated Product Definition used only for Auto Registration. You cannot use the same Product Definition for both Bulk Registration and Auto Registration.

Click on "Products" in the Menu:

To create a new Product Definition, click on “Create Product”.

You’ll need to enter 3 bits of information on the “Create Product” dialog.

  1. Enter a Product Name that is meaningful to you.

2. Choose a product platform. Pick the closest device on the list to your actual product. This information is stored in your account but it does not affect the functionality, so there is no penalty if it is not correct.

3. Choose the Product Scope. For the purpose of this beta test, please choose “Private”.

The ability to create Public and Unlisted Products may be removed in the release.

Finally, click on “Submit”:

You will see your new Product Definition in the list.