Device Setup for Auto Registration

Clean Preparation for Single Use

Use these published instructions to setup a new RPi with the package.

NOTE: Do not use the interactive connectd_installer script to set up Services when using Auto Registration. They are not needed and will cause problems if cloned without removing these Services first.

If you have previously installed the connectd package on your Pi, remove it, including all provisioning (configuration) files with the following command:

sudo dpkg --purge connectd

Download the connectd 2.5.37 package.

Now, install the connectd package following these instructions.

Copy and save the Bulk Identification Code.

The Bulk Identification Code is an alphanumeric string that identifies a specific Product Definition. It must be copied to the file /etc/connectd/bulk_identification_code.txt on your target device’s master OS image.

Back on the Products page, click on the :info: icon in the row corresponding to your desired Product Definition to select the Bulk Identification Code, save it and prepare to write it on the device to prepare the master SD card (later in this document).

OEM Configuration

NOTE: only required for non-Raspberry Pi platforms

sudo vi /etc/connectd/oem_settings

Change the expression for system ID like … cpuid=$(hostname) (OEM example)

Change the registration key method to use … interface='enp3s0' (Ubuntu example)

Please contact if you are not sure what to do here.