Bulk Registration Overview

Using remote.it in mass production

What is Bulk Registration?

Bulk Registration helps you add remote.it Services to mass produced Platforms. Here are a few important terms that are used in the following guide. A full list of terms is available at the end of this guide in the Bulk Registration OEM Reference.

Term used in this guide



A computer or embedded system that you wish to mass produce.


A tcp based program running on the Platform, such as an ssh server or vnc server.


A remote.it connection to an Application running on the Platform


A group of Services registered to your remote.it account representing a single Platform.

Use this guide to learn how to configure your device's master OS image so that a predefined set of remote.it Services will be able to automatically connect to your remote.it account when the Platform is powered on and connected to the internet.

Create a Product Definition

The template for a predefined set of remote.it Services is called a "Product Definition".

Customize your OS image for Bulk Registration

Learn how to set up your Platform's master OS image to make manufactured clones automatically configure themselves to your remote.it account.

Create a Bulk Registration

A Bulk Registration applies a remote.it Product Definition to a predefined set of Platforms.

Verify Bulk Registration

Make sure everything works as expected.

OEM reference

Important requirements and definitions for integrators.