Last updated 19 days ago

Use remote.it on 32 or 64-bit Centos 6 and 7

If you are using the interactive installer program, you may notice that all Applications are shown as "not detected" in the main menu after installing remote.it Services.

========================= Installed remote.it Services ======================
Service Name | Protocol | LAN Address | Port | Application
CEntos-SSH | SSH | localhost | 22 | not detected
web-8080-centos | HTTP | localhost | 8080 | not detected

The Linux utilities netstat and nc (which are used for detecting applications) may not be installed by default. Please note that this has no effect on configuring remote.it Services. It means the script can't accurately tell whether the applications are responding.

Optional: To install these utilities, run (as root or using sudo):

yum update
yum install nc
yum install net-tools