Connecting to your Raspberry Pi using

Assuming everything up to here has gone well (and we hope it has!), you can now use to connect to your device!

Connect to your device

Now, open up in your browser of choice and login to if you haven't already.

You should now see your device in your account device list and you should be able to connect to it.

Click the Device Name and then select one of the Services you configured to create a connection to the device's server.

For example, if you had an SSH service, you would click the SSH service to connect and after about 10-15 seconds you should be given a hostname (like and a port (like 33001). Now you can connect to the service like so (assuming a username of pi):

ssh -p 33001

Going further

Congrats! You are now securely connecting to devices using!

Now that you're up and running, you can:

Connect to more service types like VNC, Nx Witness, RDP and more!

Share or transfer your devices amongst other users:

Build into your products using bulk or auto registration (aka mass registration):