Create a local RDP Service Connect for Windows also allows you to create an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Service on your Windows 10 Pro or Server PC.

Configuring Local Services on your Windows machine

You can also use Connect for Windows to set up incoming connections to TCP servers on your local Windows machine that other computers can connect to.

Configuring a Service to connect to RDP on your Windows machine

Remote Desktop Protocol is so commonly used that we provide a button for it.

Enter the Machine Name that you wish to give to your Windows Laptop, then click on "Configure RDP".

In a few moments you will see that a new Device has been created, called "My-Windows-Laptop". This will now appear in your Device List.

Clicking on the Device Name will show the RDP connectd Service you just installed:

You can now use the RDP link following the instructions here:

Those instructions show how to use with RDP using a proxy address supplied through the web portal, but of course if your client PC is also running Connect for Windows, you can configure a P2P connection.