Using Developer Tools

There are multiple developer tool IDEs such as Insomnia, Postman, and Altair. This is an example using Insomnia.

Insomnia is an API request IDE and a plugin is available to assist with authentication to allow you to experiment before you develop code. For graphQL, you can explore the schema, generate queries and mutations. For the REST-API, you can create http requests.

Download and Install Insomnia

It is recommended that you install Insomnia Core rather than Insomnia Designer, but the plugin should work for both versions.

Add the Plugin to Insomnia

We will be using a provided plugin to create queries which will automatically sign the requests.

Go to preferences:

Enter insomnia-plugin-remoteit and click Install Plugin

Generate a graphQL Request

Make sure to create a POST request and select GraphQL Query as Body type. NOTE: All graphQL queries and mutations are made with POST

You can type a sample GraphQL query to like:

login {

Select the Auth tab of the query and select Bearer Token authentication. You then can ctrl + click on the field to select the API authentication tag, and select a specific profile otherwise the default profile will be used.

You now can send the request and execute the query using the credentials stored earlier.