Create a Product

Product Creation

  1. Visit and click, "More" and then "Products".

  2. Log into using the main account user credentials, then “+ Create Product”

  3. Name the product, choose a suitable platform, and set the Product Scope to "Private."

  4. Once created, it will be listed; click the gear icon to configure services.

  5. Add the desired services and enable them to start by default by checking the box labeled "Check to enable Service to start by default." If unchecked, you'll need to activate services in the UI per device and service.

  6. After adding services, select "Check to lock product and create provisioning files" to generate your registration code.

After locking a product, any services added will be disabled by default. For new services, create a new product. For existing devices, add services manually through the Desktop Application or; changes via product definition are not possible.

Retrieve the Bulk Identification Code

Click the "i" icon next to the gear icon to display the Bulk Identification Code, used in both registration methods.

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