Slack Integration

The following is how to set up Slack to receive online/offline notifications for your devices using a webhook. We will be creating an app in Slack and configuring it to as a webhook, then use the webhook url generated by Slack in

This example assumes you already have the Slack app set up and Slack workspace (account) and a channel where these messages will be sent.

It is recommended that you have a dedicated channel to receive these messages so that you can control the message notifications.

Create the Slack App

Please note that Slack may update their UI. If so, please refer to their documentation on how to create a new App with a webhook.

  1. Select "From Scratch"

  2. Name your App and select the Slack workspace where want to send messages. Then click on "Create App"

  3. Next, under "Settings" in the left nav, click on "Incoming Webhooks"

  4. Activate Incoming Webhooks by switching it to "On"

  5. Scroll down and click "Add a New Webhook to Workspace"

  6. Select the channel you would like to receive the messages and finish.

  7. Copy the webhook url. You will use this when you configure your webhook in

Configure the webhook in

  1. Open the Settings link and then Notifications tab

  2. Make sure the checkbox for webhook is selected, paste in the webhook url and save.

Congratulations! You now will be receiving notifications on your device status changes.

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