LAN Sharing
Sharing a service across your local network is a great easy way to reduce time spent setting up additional machines with their own accounts. The share is done on a specific service and you can control who can access it.
Secure it for your private network and hide from your guest network.
With installed anywhere on the network you now have the control to share it with specific or a range of IPs.
  • Bind Address
    • The IP address of the LAN device that hosts the service. will default to the private IP of the device it is setup on.
  • Local Network Security
    • IP Latching
      • The first IP to attempt to connect will be the only IP that can access the share
    • Class-A,B,C Restrictions
      • A: IP restricted to network mask /8
      • B: IP restricted to network mask /16
      • C: IP restricted to network mask /24
    • Single IP Restriction
      • Restrict the share to a specific IP address on the network
    • None
      • No network restrictions. The service is shared with any IP that attempts to connect.
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