Show device status

Easily display the results of up to 5 console commands

This script returns the following info into status columns A through E:

  • Operating System name

  • Linux Version

  • Uptime

  • Number of installed Services

  • Version of of the installed connectd package

Download the attached file to your system, then upload it to

If you are on Windows, editing this file in Notepad will cause issues because the line feeds are not compatible with your Pi's Linux OS. We suggest you use a Linux compatible text editor for Windows such as Notepad++.

In the script, the /usr/bin/connectd_task_notify script is used to report various interesting bits of info about your systems. /usr/bin/connectd_task_notify is installed when you install the connectd package. The variables TOOL_DIR and NOTIFIER are used for this purpose.


For example, the OS Name is reported in Status column A.

# Update status column A (StatusA) in portal
# retrieve the os ID as reported by the command “cat /etc/os-release”
os=$(cat /etc/os-release | grep -w ID | awk -F "=" '{print $2 }')
# send to status column a in portal
ret=$(${TOOL_DIR}/$NOTIFIER a $1 $2 $os)
#------------------------------------------------- You MUST use the final line:
ret=$(${TOOL_DIR}/$NOTIFIER 1 $1 $2 "Job complete")

This tells the Job Server that your script has completed its task. It may take several minutes for the Job Status to fully update and clear, even after running a script which by itself completes rapidly.