The Desktop App

The new Desktop App is a powerful tool that makes remote access to common software applications on remote computers and devices easy.

If you haven't yet downloaded and installed the Desktop App, jump ahead to this section.

If you already downloaded and installed the latest version of the Desktop App, skip to the next page.

Please manually remove any previously installed version of Desktop App.

If you see an "update is available" message, click on "x" to cancel.

Then follow these instructions for Windows

or, these instructions for mac OS

Then... download and install the new one!

To download the latest version of the beta Desktop App, visit this link: downloads

You will find download links for Mac and Windows applications in this section:

You may get firewall and virus scanner warnings when first installing the beta Desktop App.


If you run into an issue or have any questions, please don't hesitate to review the troubleshooting articles or submit a support ticket on our support site.